Transition Committee for the Review NSW Institute of Psychiatry

The Transition Committee chaired by Mental Health Commissioner, John Feneley, met for the first time on 8 April 2014 at the Commission offices at Gladesville. Mr Feneley is convening the Committee to oversee the implementation of the recommendations made in the 2013 Review of the NSW Institute of Psychiatry (NSWIOP).

The Transition Committee comprises: Dr Nick O’Connor, Professor Tony Baker, Ms Heather Gray, Mr Peter Carter, Ms Corinne Henderson and Ms Leanne O’Shannessy.

The Committee will be meeting quarterly and has resolved to provide a summary of proceedings from each meeting that will be provided to stakeholders. The main issues addressed at the inaugural Transition Committee were:

  • Ms Heather Gray from Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) outlined the progress that has been made since January 2014 in transferring the corporate and administrative staff from the NSWIOP to HETI. She also mentioned that a fiduciary review was undertaken at the time of transition.
  • Ms Heather Gray distributed a draft Service Level Agreement that has been developed to outline the services HETI will provide to the NSWIOP.
  • Mr Peter Carter gave an update on the established relationship between his team in MHDAO and the NSWIOP and how this was supporting the provision of education.
  • Mr Peter Carter and Ms Heather Gray indicated that the NSWIOP would be required to prepare budget papers that met the budget allocation from MHDAO and work is underway to prepare the papers.
  • The recommendations from the Mental Health Commission Review NSWIOP were allocated to respective members so there was a clear lead and identified partners to address the implementation of the recommendations.
  • A reporting framework will be developed based on the allocated recommendations and there will be progress reports made by Committee members at each meeting.
  • It was acknowledged some recommendations will take longer to implement than was initially flagged at the time of the review due to the complexity of the tasks. For example, the development of a mental health workforce training plan could take approximately two years to complete however some of its components relevant to the NSWIOP might be prioritised for earlier completion.
  • It was noted it will be important to assist the Members of the NSWIOP to have clarity regarding their role during the transition to HETI. Mr Peter Carter will be progressing this issue in coming weeks.

Mr Feneley thanked all for their participation and will advise the Minister that the Transition Committee has commenced and will inform him of progress over coming months. The committee will next meet in July 2014. For any information in relation to the Transition Committee please contact in the first instance Rhonda Loftus on 9840 3838.