[SA] - may be taken as non-award, stand-alone unit of study

This core unit aims to introduce participants to a range of key issues in contemporary mental health care. It recognises that mental health professionals must continually evolve to meet the changing social, political and legal requirements. Contemporary emphasis in mental health care is on health promotion, prevention, early intervention and is firmly underpinned by the concept of a Recovery based approach to care. In addition, this unit will address; Cultural awareness in practice, Mental Health Reform, the legal context of care, as well as Innovation and change. The unit offers an insight into a range of issues that are developed more fully throughout the rest of the program. It provides an initial review of contemporary professional practice from which the participant will develop an ongoing appreciation of the changing socio-political context.

Textbook Required:

  1. Thorncroft, Graham., Szmukler, George., Mueser, Kim. T. and Drake, Robert. E. (2011), Oxford Textbook of Community Mental Health, Oxford University Pres.
  2. McQuistion, H. L., Sowers, W. E., Ranz, J. M, Felfman, J. M (2012), Handbook of Community Psychiatry, Springer.
Core Unit of GCADU
Semester 1